What the Kids & Parents have to say.

January 2018

Dear Teacher Leslie,

Thank you for being such an important and integral part of Sanvi's childhood. She simple adores you and because of you - yoga!!  We would be forever grateful to you for making school special and for for her.

- Neha, Deepak and Sanvi, 

 Thanks Leslie!
     We have used Lily's yoga breath on more than one occasion.  Even if she says "No, I don't want to", she starts deep breathing anyway.  She has gained so much from your class, balance, calm, breath, creativity.  I love it. 
Thanks for sharing with her!! 

July 2015
Dear Teacher Leslie,

Thank you so much for having Yoga camp!  I loved so many things about it - trampoline, playing ball, cooking (especially the strawberry parfait!), Yoga, (I love the partner poses) and also art -drawing and coloring are my favorite.  I drew a picture for you!  I hope we have yoga camp again, or at least another day at your house!  Love Ivy

June 2015
Hi Teacher Leslie,
I have been working in our community to raise our neighborhood public schools up and help support them as Hudson embarks on elementary adventures. In this capacity, I have met Milena and learned of Milestone's Preschool (which is right down the street from our home.) As I was scrolling through her Facebook page, I stumbled upon a reference to their yoga class and there you were! What a beautiful happenstance, as just earlier today we had been singing Sun Salutations and demonstrating our yoga moves for my parents over Facetime. 

I deeply value the work that you do with our children and wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you contribute to La Playa and to the greater community at large. I know how special Hudson's time with you has been and it was such a gift to watch him with James in your class on Friday. It was pure magic.


Dear Teacher Leslie,
Thank you so much for helping Nimay build his confidence. We miss you!
Love Swapna

Dear Leslie,
  We felt truly blessed to have been able to spend time with you this summer.   Ella enjoyed it so much. Your home was such a lovely and warm environment for young children.  Thank you for putting together this camp.  I hear Ella chanting sometimes and it makes me smile.
Roshana Baron

Teacher Leslie,
Thank you so much for all the fun and soothing learning during your yoga classes.  We are so grateful that Soren go to enjoy you and yoga at WPNS.
The Kim Family

Dear Teacher Leslie,

- Neha, Deepak and Sanvi your nurturing guidance of Grace.  She is so proud of her "moves" and "poses"  and we are too!
Best Wishes, Rene, David & Dillon Grace

Dearest  Leslie,
     Thank you for the joy and whimsy you bring to  Free To Be Me every week.  Your patience and kindness resonate through our children.  Amazing how much yoga the kids understand and can do on their own.
                                                                                                            Love, The Parents of Free to Be Me 

 February 23, 2007

Dear Miss Leslie,

Just a quick note to share a story about the impact you have had on D____.  He has always been a bit behind his peers in gross motor skills.  A year ago his gross motor skills were about 18 months behind his chronological age (he was four and tested at the 2 1/2 year old level).  He was just assessed again as part of his kindergarten readiness evaluation, and he is now only SIX MONTHS behind his peers in gross motor skills (he'll be five on Tuesday and he tested at 4y6m).  He has leapfrogged an entire developmental year in gross motor skills, and we owe it all to yoga!

He was so excited that he was asked to stand on one foot as part of his assessment - apparently he beamed and said "I can do that... Miss Leslie taught me how to be a tree!"  Then he proceeded to show balance that was light years beyond where he was last year!

Thank you so much for the work you do with our WPNS kids.  I  know I've told you before how much D____ loves doing yoga with you... we thought you should know how much of a positive impact you have had on his growth and development.  We appreciate you!

Adrienne and D____ Too!